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Létající peřina (i.e. Flying Blanket) bring joy to children in hospitals in Bohemia and Moravia

Some major bands of the Czech music scene got together and created a new album, Létající peřina (i.e. Flying Blanket). Vypsaná fixa, Mandrage, Vltava, Tata Bojs, Květy, Tornádo Lue, Zuby Nehty, Už jsme doma, Petr Váša, Původní Bureš, Krystyna Skalická, Mantaban, Iritující Pýchora and Beata Hlavenková wrote songs that will bring joy to children in hospitals in Bohemia and Moravia. Actors from the theater group, Loutky v nemocnici (i.e. Puppets in Hospital) will be giving them out during their visits, where they help especially little patients to laugh again. Members of Loutky v nemocnici also added two songs. Sixteen songs created especially for this compilation are released in this version for the first time on CD.

We are helping children laugh again

We've been helping children laugh again for over a decade. The photo below is one of the oldest in the archives. We have since come a long way and are looking forward to 2018. This year, the number of our visits will again be higher than the number of days in the year! We are planning more than 500 one-day visits. We will visit 30 hospitals and clinics. We are planning several weekly programs in the health resorts where, together with our patients, we are creating puppet performances. We are planning to visit chronically ill and disabled children in specialized camps and medical stays. For the first time, we will work with selected centers of palliative care and homecare for those who need us the most. We are preparing new premieres and this year we will introduce ourselves to children and adults in theaters in and outside Prague in cities such as Pilsen and Ostrava. Looking forward to a great year ... Do you want to help us?

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We recycle plush toys with Kofola and then we spend them in hospitals during our visits. You can also send your Teddy bear :)




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We recorded the best songs from our performances on the CD that we give to the children in the hospitals. Childrens will not be sad when we leave the room. Now you can enjoy some of them as "clips"! You can listen to them from the Czech TV Archive. And if you like the CD you can also buy at any good CD store or online at Indies scope.

Odkazy na archiv ČT zde

Project in Media

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Navštívili jsme ostravské studio České televize ... podívejte se na Dobré ráno s Loutkami v nemocnici. Část 1, část 2.

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